Welcome to Loafer Bread

Our Street SignWelcome to Loafer Bread. We are a small artisan bakery in the heart of Fitzroy North. We make all our products on site.

Come in the morning for our full array of pastries and breads.

Our hand shaped sourdough breads are made with certified Demeter bio dynamic flours and grains and certified organic stoneground flours.

We make our pastries and cakes with certified organic free range eggs, organic sugar, and flours.

Our specialties include all butter croissants of various flavours, organic fairtrade chocolate, delicious organic ham, and apple and vanilla filled. Don’t miss out on the matchsticks or chocolate eclairs – creamy old school decadence.

As the mornings’ pastries¬† sell out – enjoy a coffee and a biscuit from our selection.

For lunch we produce organic grass fed beef pies and sausage rolls, beautiful mushroom and lentil pies and sourdough focaccia. Or have a salad or soup for a lighter option.

Saturday morning is special with our extra treats in celebration of the weekend – enjoy the strudel, olive bread and lighter weekend fruit bread.

We look forward to seeing you soon.